If your Norton LiveUpdate says it cannot connect to the liveupdate server yet you can browse the internet fine then this may help you out.


Norton LiveUpdate error LU1841 - Cannot connect to liveupdate server.

Possible Causes:Edit

You recently upgraded from dialup to broadband internet and LiveUpdate is still trying to control your dialup connection.

Possible Fix:Edit

Start Norton LiveUpdate either from the main Norton/Symantec window or from the Start menu in the Norton or Symantec folder.

At the top of the LiveUpdate window click Options -> Configure. Go to the ISP tab and make sure there is a tick in the "Do not manage my dialup connections" box.

Click OK and click Next in LiveUpdate. It should now work, if not then sorry, either your Norton/Symantec software is broken properly and requires reinstalling or you have a different problem.