Some receivers show different messages for 721 such as For ordering information, please call customer service, or Channel Not Purchased

Extension 721 is an On Screen Display message that appears when the reciver shows it is not authorised to veiw . The channel you are watching must be in your programming package. Your bill must also be current. Sports programming that is normally blacked out may also show this message as a blackout, especially when a sports program is blacked out systemwide.

  1. . Check that this program is a part of your package
  2. . Reset your Receiver

At this point you may need to call customer service. They will take you through the following stopping only at he final step or if the problem is solved.

  1. . The CSR will check that the channel is in your lineup
  2. . They will resend the satellite signal
  3. . They will resend the signal agian.
  4. . They will ask you to reset, important, as it makes the following steps more effective.
  5. . They will resend the signal again.
  6. . They will disconnect the access card and reconnect it.
  7. . If this still hasn't solved the issue then ordering a Directv Service Call is Recommended